Creative Sacred Living Magazine September 2014 - Page 18

My mouth gapes open as I get it!

Our ancestors recognized guidance and wisdom in every aspect of the world around them and specified specifics in every story because they knew their community understood the significance. We’ve lost all that meaning! We are no longer embedded in a “wisdom world” and have to turn to secondary sources, as I did, to grasp the depth of meaning in the details of a story. We dismiss a treasure trove of information and interconnectedness when we deprive the world of sentience and relevance. As industrial/technological/information age humans, we have lost our ability to receive direct wisdom and unprocessed knowledge.

WOW, just WOW again! No wonder we feel alienated and ungrounded.

But there is good news: We can reclaim our enchanted relationship to the world. All we need do is choose to experience the world as a living being. The world is waiting for our return and responds quickly.

Example: On June Solstice a few men and women gathered on a beach to honor the waters of the planet and pay homage to the changing of the sun’s path. I made a short video of the experience which you can watch Below.

I’m a newby to video making and by accident left the camera on toward the end of our ritual art making. That mistake allows you to witness the blessedness rising as we humans begin to recognize the earth’s response to our loving gesture. It’s so simple really and so enlivening, igniting our mundane lives with the sacredness of reclaiming our mythic mojo.

Invitation: Wherever you are on this planet on the weekend of September Equinox, I invite you, alone or with friends, to go outside and Make Artful Prayers ( MAP ) of some sort in acknowledgement of your love for life on this planet. You can read more about MAPping at Praying True on Facebook and let us know here/there how the earth shows up to dance with you.