Creative Freedom RPG October 2013 Volume 1 Issue 1

Creative Freedom RPG New Server. New Mods. New Staff. New World. October 2013 VOL. 1 ISSUE 1 ? ? ? New Features include a new medal system, so people can award medals to one another for amazing roleplay posts, comments, Plots, Characters, etc. Another way to get people involved and socializing with one another. You like that? Then share it! That’s right we now have our own like and sharing buttons so you can share your fun with those of your friends who are not apart of CF or even to just draw attention in our page! ? New Server-New Future ? With our goal met we were finally able to give the site the much needed face lift it has been needing for a very long time. Games! We have our very own arcade! That’s right you can now spend your time waiting for posts playing games with your fellow members. New Staff! We have some new mentors joining our ranks. Wildz and Dragon_Madian, are our new mentors, with GoldenKaaos stepping into the shoes of Moderator. Sounds of Silence has proven herself more than capable and has earned herself a much deserved promotion. Welcome Sounds to the rank to Administrator! ? ? Last but not least, Chow time! The long awaited and anticipated Chowretat is live and ready for characters! Join the fun and games of the world! (Add Quote from Characters of Chow) .