Creative Freedom RPG Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1 Volume 2

CREATIVE FREEDOM RPG February-March 2014 Volume 2 Issue 1 General Site Information and Updates The Update and server move has continued to pay off with better uptime and faster page load times. We have had a lot of new members join recently that have only added to the dynamic community of Creative Freedom. We are nearly half way there to the donations needed to have our very own dice system. It will hopefully add a whole other dynamic to our roleplaying community. We have several skilled and experienced DMs on the site, so who knows maybe we could get a site wide Dungeons and Dragons game going? Medals! For the Month of February we award Gunther with “Most Helpful Member” award. He is a new member who recently joined but has gone above and beyond the call of any member or staff. Congratulations February Writing Contest! Gunther! This time we tried something a bit different and used a picture to inspire words and words to inspire a picture. Unfortunately, this time around, there were no entries for the drawing competition, though we are hopeful for the next contest. However we had great turn out for the writing contest and even for the first time ever a TIE BREAKER! After another week of voting we finally have a winner! Congratulations to Ghaleon_Sericia! Who beat Trance, by only two votes so this was a close one! Thus far for the month of March we have Raven and Blindside Tex, earning medals for their completed rp. Remember, you are the ones with the power when it comes to the medals. Nominate! Nominate! Nominate! In This Issue  Contests!  Medals!  Roleplays!  Interview with a GM!  Future Issues!  Message from the Staff! Fantasy Image 1