Creative Freedom RPG December Volume 1 Issue 2

Creative Freedom RPG V OL U ME 1, I SSU E 2 D ECEMB ER 2 013 Inside this issue: Chow Time! And Staff Additions 2 Current RPs! 3 RPs continued 4 Future RPs 5 Thanks for Reading Queen Maka and her human sister Arnia are out and about greeting the good people of the land, when a surprise visit from Cinder Fur of the Mirelands arrives. A brilliant display of power and showmanship, they arrive atop the backs of Giant Moths! 2 Past and Future Contests! The long awaited persistent World is finally live and going! Already the main leaders of this world have made their appearances at the Festival of Peace hosted at the Heavily Guarded and untrusting Mountain Kingdom Akamu. 1 Medals! Chow Time! 6 "Snow land" by Natalia P. Gutierrez The inn has become a hot spot of activity amongst many players. From a young Leopard to live in peace and harmony? Or will somea blind human who wishes to merely unite a lost thing, or someone do something to chalferret with his family. lenge it? Join and find out! In the human lands a desperate battle is being fought against a horde of fiends that are beyond the scope and understanding of the mind. What will happen next? Will the Kingdoms continue to Special points of interest: ? Let it snow. ? Dragons and Moths Fly in the Sky! ? Earn a medal! Staff Additions Will all the new additions and surge of members we were forced to not only add on more staff, but to also tweak the requirements to allow even our new blood a chance to help the site grow and be a better place for all. Now on our roster we have Soulessrage, Vampire.Panda and Casper_Freak as our new mentors; wearing the blue with pride. On the moderators roster we now have Raven, Meldarwen1005. These individuals have shown that not only are they capable but ready to take on the responsibility that comes with being a member of staff. Congratulations to all and with how the activity has been lately, it is definitely possible that we will need more staff in the future!