Creative Freedom RPG Creative Freedom RPG Volume 3 Issue 1

CREATIVE FREEDOM RPG June 2016 Volume 3 Issue 1 General Site Information and Updates Updates Well we are running smoothly on our new VPS. Lagging is down and with the extra space and dedicated resources we were able to improve our chat system with something that was not only mobile friendly, but also provided a means of private chat. Follow this link for more information! Along with the new chat we are running some new mods in general on the site. Those of you who have not taken the time to play with them yet, check out the profile mod! Add some customization to that profile and show other members another side of your kickass personality! Also, the music has been redone on the site to allow for ease of listening. It is integrated into the chat, via the soundcloud logo on the left hand side of the chat. To keep the music playing without interruptions, pop the music out just like you would the new chat! A Personal Note Some of you might have already heard the big news that happened this past Christmas. Eferhilda made the huge step and finally proposed to Asteria, who said YES! The two of them are very excited about this new step in their lives, but will still strive to dedicate as much of their heart and soul into the site as they have always done. This news is being shared because no matter the distance or where anyone calls home we are a family. Medals!! There are many of them nominated and awarded over the past couple of months. To see the list of all those who have been awarded, be sure to check out the list here! Remember, you hold the power of the nominations, so if you want to see something earn a medal then nominate it! In This Issue Together into the beyond we travel  Mods and Updates  Contests  Hot Topics  Roleplays  Artist Corner  Interview with a GM  Future Plans