Creative Freedom RPG Creative Freedom RPG Volume 2 Issue 4

CREATIVE FREEDOM RPG November 2015 Volume 2 Issue 4 General Site Information and Updates Updates We have had a lot of updates over the past couple of months. Many of which include a slew of mods meant to enhance the site and the fun for the members who have come to enjoy it. More on the mods will be continued on the next page. Our latest and most important update would be the move from a shared server to a VPS! Our site has continued to grow and expand at an exceptional rate which prompted us to have several connection errors that frustrated and alarmed many. That being the case, we made the decision to move the site to its own private server. The space that we have now will be more than enough for years to come and will allow us the ability to make updates and expansions without any concern for overloading the server. Thanks to members like Leumas and Forgotten Wolf for very generous donations we are covered for a number of months to come. Other noted Donators toward the financial security of the site include TheRottenLeprechaun and Louloubelle. Together as a team, as a family, we have overcome a great many hardships and I know that together we will continue to do so. No matter what comes our way, we will always face it head on and do whatever we must to ensure our continued growth and prosperity. Medals!! There are many of them nominated and awarded over the past couple of months. To see the list of all those who have been awarded, be sure to check out the list here! Remember, you hold the power of the nominations, so if you want to see something earn a medal then nominate it! In This Issue Times are changing  Mods and Updates  Contests  Hot Topics  Roleplays  Future Plans  Letter from the Staff