Creative Freedom RPG Creative Freedom RPG Volume 2 Issue 2

CREATIVE FREEDOM RPG May 2014 Volume 2 Issue 2 General Site Information and Updates The site continues to grow and change every day, with more people joining to add to the unique experience that is Creative Freedom RPG! Tapatalk Medals!! Nominated this month, In case some of you missed it we are now Tapatalk compatible. Now, our users can access the site mobilely with a lot more ease and the added bonus of push button notifications. Instant notifications like any app are sent right to your mobile device! for best Original Rp– Dice Mod Remember, you hold the Thanks to the great support and donations from our various members, Creative Freedom RPG was able to save up enough money to have our very own dice mod built, and soon to be implemented, on our forum. Yet another new means to rp, this mod will only add and expand on the already vast number of options available to our members here. power of the nomina- RealityCheck and t.en RP: ~Sin~ tions, so if you want to see something earn a medal then nominate it! Contest Winners! Aprils Contest winners are Donta for his Song rewrite and Dragon Maiden, winner of the very first staff contest. In This Issue   Contests  Roleplays  Future Plans  Photo Caption Mods and Updates Letter from the Staff