Creative Child June 2018 - Page 7

Our internationally recognized, award winning, “My 1st Career Gear” are high quality dress-up shirts for kids ages 3 - 6!  Being able to engage in imaginative play keeps young minds creative and steals away from hours spent on electronics. These career-oriented shirts are so durable that children outgrow them before they wear them out. Made to be put on easily by children these shirts have hook and loop closures in front, making this task simple & easy to accomplish.  The fabric is made from 100% polyester, which feels good on the skin and makes them machine washable.  To give the shirts a personal touch we’ve included a pocket on the chest with a clear plastic window, so your child can insert a card with their name on it.   The artwork includes bright vivid colors and realistic graphics. Our Police shirt has a badge and handcuffs, the Doctor shirt a stethoscope and other medical supplies.  Want to be a Builder?  Your hammer and tape measure are right at hand.  There are 15 styles in all and retail for $14.95.  Aeromax now has ALL NEW shirts for younger siblings or classmates, too!  Same great designs & same high quality!  These 5 styles are designed for 18 months – 3 years of age and retail for $13.95. Learn More About #Fav O f The M onth AEROMAXTOYS.COM 6