Creative Child August 2016 - Page 3

Eureka! The new 2-CD set of stories and songs of the California Gold Rush by BZ Smith & Peggy Reza has been discovered! GY REZA G E P & H BZ SMIT Striking Up n i a t n u o M Gold ORNIA F THE CALIF O S G N O S & STORIES GOLD RUSH Let BZ & Peggy take you on a 2-hour journey to California’s Gold Rush, filled with Cataclysmic Events, Astonishing Adventures, Bittersweet Sorrows & Rousing Songs! “The history of the California Gold Rush comes alive in this outstanding, wide-ranging, two-part mix of tale-spinning and music.”—Lynn Heffley, Parents’ Choice Foundation reviewer “A fabulous mix of deeply absorbing stories and utterly compelling music that harks back to the days of California’s rugged, adventure-laden past.”—Tillywig Toy Awards Commitee “This CD collection is now going to be a favorite companion for road trips…hear a story, sing a long…rich and useful entertainment all the way!”—Linda Kennedy, storyteller “BZ & Peg, keep bringing magic to our world.” —Paulina SanFilippo, grandmother Texas-born BZ & California Girl Peg live and tell tales in the mountains near Yosemite To snag one, visit or call 209.532.7697