Creating Genius Magazine Winter Issue - Page 8

* publisher & CEO T his isn’t your parent’s economy. Today businesses and entrepreneurs are facing a new economy. The exciting thing is there’s an opportunity for everyone to find their place, to find their genius and release it. The secret is finding where your passion lies and discovering the path you need to create in order to reach your goal. You should no longer be doing things that don’t move or excite you. Success begins with a drive, a love or a passion so find your love, your passion and go for it! In business, we’re always trying to make money but if you truly want to be a successful businessperson you have to find your motivation, other than making money. Making money is the byproduct of investing your heart and soul into that which you love to do and want to be! Who do you want to be? What motivates you? If you want to be a ping-pong master and make a living from it then the best way to do that is put every last ounce of yourself into becoming a ping-pong master and the money will follow. If you want to cure cholera in third-world countries and you have the passion driving you then the money will come. If you don’t know your why it becomes nearly impossible to keep pushing to become among the best in your field. Your why helps you keep pushing forward when things get tough. Find your why and reach your potential and with that potential will come success. Time is short so live your life as big as possible. Die empty. Don’t leave this earth with anything left in you. The most important part of a tombstone is not the day you were born or the day you die. It’s the dash in between. Because that determines what you’ve done with your life. Michael Durant, Publisher
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