Creating Genius Magazine Winter Issue - Page 47

collaborate at a young age, a highly useful skill in any future endeavor. “Our mission is to mentor, train and create a network of entrepreneurs and community outreach givers by nourishing their own mind, talent and skills,” say Baltimore. “Imagine the next generation of children breaking the mold of traditional learning. They are being taught or guided rather, on how to follow their own voice and their own ambitions, and how to succeed in business.” The Boys & Girls Club of Las Vegas provided the foundation for Baltimore’s vision and more than 40 children signed up for the very first 6week program. The kids learn skills such as time management, goal setting, and taking small steps every day to make big dreams a reality. At the end of each program, the children showcase their products and services they've been creating, and those with the highest potential receive an investment to be use as a catalyst to build a thriving business. Yes, all before they become a teenager. “The education that children are getting today is not applicable to the real-world,” says Baltimore. Her 501c3 seeks to overcome this fallacy. Her daughters are a prime example and are taking the initiative in-stride. 11-year old, Kyler, is an aspiring fashion designer with an interest to start her own fashion line to compete with the likes of Chanel. 12-year old, Iyahana, is already a self-published journalist and anime artist who says the only boss she’ll ever have is herself. Baltimore’s strategy is to transform entrepreneur and business education in communities around the world and generations to come are poised to reap the benefits. Creating Genius Magazine | Page 47