Creating Genius Magazine Winter Issue - Page 40

Having graduated from Penn at the height of the economic downturn in 2008, Lea did not originally plan on moving back to Las Vegas postcollege, but she eventually made the move to Caesars and then IGT (International Game Technology), where she developed her understanding of how large gaming corporations really worked. Many of the cutting-edge casino concepts that Lea worked on haven’t fully come to fruition, ranging from the integrated player universe to cloud technology, but she had the opportunity to learn why technology in gaming can be such a challenge. "The casino space was where I learned the complexity of bringing new technology to market.” Lea says. In her move from an established company like IGT to more of a startup at Ultimate Gaming, she was able to gain additional exposure to online gaming. And while individual casinos, as well as, Vegas as a whole are deeply entrenched in profits via traditional gaming, they are also seeing a shrinking majority of its revenue. gaming industry hasn’t tapped into yet, and that customers would love. That’s what my next venture is all about.” Although her vision is ripe, the transition has been a bit crazy, as expected. “This is an exciting and nerve challenging time while we are balancing work with clients and working to build our story and product for investors and early partners,” she says. “It’s up to me to dedicate and prioritize my startup work alongside client demands. I’ve tried every productivity system in the book.” “People make up your business, every ounce of it. From the casino floor to your shops, restaurants and rooms, everyone counts and everyone matters. In my last startup environment, I saw how people’s personalities and past experiences permeated into the business to create not only the process and foundation, but also all the culture that comes with it. While that is an exciting prospect, it is a daunting prospect, that without the right direction, enthusiasm, or special sauce (aka TLC) the workplace can become something entirely different than intended. While you are trying to perhaps create something new, you instead drag in and, honestly, just integrate the old. And that can touch every aspect of your business – innovation, culture, efficiency, and more – and can be very dangerous for a budding company.” “This is an exciting and nerve challenging Tying those experiences together, Lea's niche is in the digital marketing sphere for gaming. She says, "The most successful traction [for casinos and digital marketing] has been with casino mobil