Creating Genius Magazine Winter Issue - Page 35

With several initiatives set to launch in the coming quarter, it is clear that expansion is the current focus for WECAN.  “Our Womentorship program starts January 2015,” says Ingrid Schifer de Dennis, VicePresident. “It is a year-long educational program for members that helps them to gain momentum in several key business areas such as finance, management, and human resources. The intent is to help women grow their business.” As a member-driven organization based in Canada, the leadership is focusing on growing in Toronto, Vancouver and Las Vegas thanks to the interest of women entrepreneurs in those markets the passion they have demonstrated.   “Women are ready for this. They are ready to step up to lead and take ownership,” says Narissa, “We like to remind women that surrounding yourself with the right people is so important to your success. A lot of women think or feel like they can do it all on their own, but you simply can’t do it alone. You have to know your strengths and find others who compliment you in the right ways.”    WECAN reminds us all that “entrepreneurship is a state of mind, one that forces you to take control of your own success in business.” This organization of strong women is in control and driving the future of women entrepreneurship in North America in the right direction: upwards and onwards. Creating Genius Magazine | Page 35