Creating Genius Magazine Winter Issue - Page 30

* emerge Talent Tech Labs Teaches You How to Invest in Your Investments By Jake Eckhardt Nowadays , you hear about start-up incubators all over the country, so what makes Talent Tech Labs any different? They specialize in what they believe is the most important part for any start-up, which is putting together the right talent for those companies, making them the only HR focused tech incubator in the world. Talent Tech Labs believes the process of hiring the right talent is the most important task for a start-up company because employees are shapers of a Creating Genius Magazine | Page 30 company's culture, and ultimately, its success in bringing new innovation to the market. Jonathan Kestenbaum, Executive Director at Talent Tech Labs, tells us that they are focused solely in the HR world. “What truly makes us unique is that we are funded by people who are in the business. That means we know the players and understand their problems. As an incubator, we not only provide access to capital, but we also act as a platform for our clients to beta test their software.”