Creating Genius Magazine Winter Issue - Page 29

families. These kids and students are far more likely to become victims of bullying because of their social awkwardness and history of family troubles.  77% of students are bullied, either physically, mentally or verbally. Over 160,000 US students stay home from school each day from fear of being bullied. Those numbers are way too high. Passionate Entrepreneurs Building something that matters Bully Alert™ is a mobile app created by Marcos Ontiveros and Blaze Brooks. After seeing classmates bullied, and learning about the dire consequences of recent events in their community, these two high school seniors partnered with two established tech entrepreneurs Evan Savar and T.J. Sokoll. Two months later, their bullying solution was born. These four passionate entrepreneurs have not only built an app to solve a growing and very pressing need, they have stats to back them up. Today's kids grow up using Facebook or online support groups as their primary coping mechanisms rather than relying on real support groups: biological bonds of friendship and loving relationships. Facebook and other social media outlets have admitted they cannot stop cyberbullying.  This does nothing to help the increasingly number of today’s generation who grow up feeling lonely, outcast and disassociated from their schools, communities or Bully Alert™ was established with one goal in mind: to empower students and stop bullying in schools and online. With our application, students and schools can easily – and more comfortably – report bullying and communicate with school administrators about these incidents. BullyAlert provides a powerful mobile communication and notification infrastructure. We want to bridge the gap between real-time issues and the people who can help resolve them. Our vision extends far beyond ourselves; we have plans to integrate with various social media n