Creating Genius Magazine Winter Issue - Page 20

success SHIFT is a Las Vegas company focused on connecting people and places more easily. Formerly known as Project 100, SHIFT is a company that lives and dies by its promise to have you on your way in only five minutes. Whether you need to borrow a car, hire a driver, or hop on a bike, the SHIFT app is your key to where and when – and it all comes with an affordable monthly membership. “We control all the assets and need to own all equipment, which means our operation is very capital intensive. We raised $10 million before we even got anything on the road.” Creating Genius Magazine | Page 20 In our talks with cofounders, Zach Ware and Patrick Olson, they shared with us how they’re taking the entire transportation industry for a ride. Although SHIFT is currently in beta, Ware says, "Members will have access to every service – driving, riding, and biking – all starting at just $25.