Creating Genius Magazine Winter Issue - Page 12

* insight J ennifer  Taler  is  Managing  Partner  of  S:tch  Factory,  a   crea:ve  educa:on  center  founded  in  2012  to  help   accelerate  the  success  of  emerging  fashion  designers  by   offering  affordable,  professional  studio  space.  It  was   influenced  by  the  tech  co-­‐working  movement  to  create  a   space  for  designers  who  are  inspired  to  co-­‐create  with  one   another.  She  has  some  :ps  for  these  fashion  entrepreneurs:   •     • • Take Branding Seriously.  It  is  so   important  to  really  spend  :me  understanding  your   brand  and  presen:ng  it  in  a  way  you  want  it  to  be   portrayed.  It’s  crucial  to  building  a  lifestyle  brand   and  aUrac:ng  customers  that  understand  who  you   are.  Your  branding  is  the  "thread"  to  customers   who  want  to  take  a  chance  on  your  brand.     Start Smart.  Know  your  strengths  and   weaknesses,  where  to  spend  your  :me  and  energy,   and  where  to  outsource  or  bring  in  support.  This  is   a  tough  aspect  of  star:ng  a  business  but  it's  an   important  lesson  on  how  to  work  smarter  and  not   drive  yourself  into  debt.           Have Fun.  If  you  aren't  having  fun  and  loving   what  you  are  doing,  then  stop!  In  the   end,  all  of  the  hardships  you  face  are   worth  it.  Those  hardships  turn  into   rewards  once  you  get  over  the  hurdles   and  are  able  to  grow  from  the   experience.   • Education is priceless. Educa:on  is  something  no  one  can  take   away  from  you.  It  helps  crea:ve  minds   visually  see  things  and  map  things  out   in  a  way  that  the  brain  can  understand.   There  is  no  right  or  wrong  way.  It's   important  to  educate  yourself  on  new   techniques  and  ideas  that  will  help  you   grow.