Creating Genius Magazine Winter Issue - Page 11

contributors Krista Whitley Nabeel Malik Krista  is  an  award   winning  fast  growth   entrepreneur  living,   working,  and  playing   in  downtown  Las   Vegas  with  her  two   young  daughters.   Known  as  a  real  :me   connector,  terminator   of  problems,  and   op:mis:c  idea   factory,  Krista  loves   helping  others  do   what  they  do  best.   Nabeel  is  Co-­‐founder   and  Editor  at  Droid   Valley,  a  media  outlet   for  news  and  analysis   on  top  technology,   compu:ng,  the  web,   gadgets,  phones,   tablets,  apps,  reviews   &  more.  He  is   informing  the   Pakistan  tech   community  and  the   world  at  large.   Evelyn Sabino Evelyn  is  the   Communica:ons  &   Events  Manager  at   CatalystCrea:v,  a   community  design   firm  based  out  of   Downtown  Las   Vegas.  con:nues  to   be  enamored  by  the   energy  and  magic  of   Downtown  Las   Vegas'  ebullient  and   entrepreneurial   community.   Jake Eckhardt Jake  is  a  writer   fascinated  by  new   technology  and   disrup:ve  innova:on.   He  is  a  newcomer  to   the  entrepreneurial   arena  where  he  is   working  to  become  a   creator  who  adds   value  to  the  lives  of   other  people.   Creating Genius Magazine | Page 11