Cranbrook Kingswood State of the School Report 2018-2019 State of the Schools Report - Page 17



VEX IQ ES and MS Awards

~ ES 4th place in Division at Worlds, Team 36Y

~ MS State Champions, Team 37F

~ MS State Finalists, Team 37Z

~ ES State Finalists, Team 36U

~ ES Design Award at States, Team 36U

~ ES Judge's Award at States, Team 36W

ES/MS Cranbrook World Qualifying Teams: 36U, 36V, 36W, 36Y, 37A, 37B, 37E, 37F, 37N, 37R, 37X, 37Z

VRC MS and HS Awards

~ HS Divisional Semi-Finalists at Worlds, Team 39A

~ MS State Champions, Team 38A

~ MS Amaze Award at States, Team 38A

~ MS Judge's Award at States, Team 38G

~ HS State Finalists, Teams 39W and 39A

~ HS Amaze Award at States, Team 39A

~ MS Regional Champions, Teams 38G and 38A

~ MS Regional Design Award, Team 38A

~ HS Regional Champions, Team 39W and 39A

~ HS Regional Finalists, Team 39X and 39K

~ HS Regional's Judge's Award, Team 39V

MS/HS World Qualifying Teams: 38A, 39A, 39J, 39K, 39W, 39Y,