Cranbrook Kingswood State of the School Report 2018-2019 State of the Schools Report - Page 16


MSVMA States

7 soloists, first division ratings

2 ensembles, second division ratings

2017 Michigan Thespian Festival

3 Excellent ratings

7 Superior ratings

MSBOA States

27 first division ratings

4 second division ratings

1 soloist, proficiency III, first division

12 soloists, proficiency II, first division

4 soloists, proficiency I, first division

2 soloists, proficiency I, second division

8 soloists, first division (9th grade)

2 ensembles, first division

2 ensembles, second division

4 Nominees for Outstanding State Soloist

6 Nominees for State Honors Orchestra

Instrumental and Performing Arts Awards (US)