Cranbrook Kingswood State of the School Report 2015-2016 State of the Schools Report - Page 22


AP Success

In 2016, 312 Cranbrook students took an AP exam and showed a significant increase in the number of AP scholars. 170 Cranbrook students were recognized in the AP scholar program as follows:

• National AP Scholars: 9 (average grade of 4 or higher on 8 or more AP exams; average grade of 4.0 on all exams taken)

• Scholars with Distinction: 77 (grades of 3 or higher on 5 or more AP exams; average grade of 3.5 on all AP exams taken)

• Scholars with Honors: 44 (grades of 3 or higher on 4 or more AP exams; average grade of 3.25 on all exams taken)

• AP Scholars: 49 (grades of 3 or higher on 3 or more AP exams)

As indicated in the following tables, Cranbrook students achieved higher scores than students at the state and national level. It is important to note exam scores of 3 or higher because a score of a 3 or better indicates college-level understanding of the material covered on the test. The AP program uses a score of 3 as the benchmark for determining AP Scholars, Scholars with Honors, and Scholars with Distinction. .