Craftours Lifestyles Magazine December 2018 - Page 50

Russian inspirations by Pam Holland Often I feel I go to some distant region of the world to be reminded of who I really am. -Michael Crichton- How true that statement is. My career as a fashion designer, photographer and Mother were fulfilling and challenging. However, for the past 12 years teaching students living in different cultures has changed my perspective on many things. I am a wife, Mother and all those other things...but it’s not until you travel on your own and find yourself in another place that you truly understand just who you are. Every country brings its own distinction and I find myself immersed in a discipline that is characterized by culture. I’ve just returned from a three month journey, teaching quilting. USA, France, England, Russia and Thailand. So I’m going to share with you my observations as a designer on visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg. As a seasoned traveler I generally research the country I’m about to visit. It’s not hard is it...looking on the internet, read books, (my favorite are the DK travel monologues). But this time it was different. Part of me didn’t want to know. I was nervous at what I would find. In my mind, Moscow was grey, wet, unfriendly, and everyone ate borsht. So I figured I would just go and take whatever was offered. Fortunately we had our own personal guide, Sergie. I’ll digress a little. Sergie was a 15 year old AFS exchange student who lived with us for a year almost 20 years ago. He arrived on a midsummer’s day when the temperature was near the 100 degree mark. 24 hours earlier he had left a snow covered Moscow. The change couldn’t have been more dramatic. The Soviet Union had just collapsed and life was rather difficult for him at the time. On our way home from picking him up we stopped into one of our more mediocre department stores. I will never forget the look of amazement on his face when he saw the We, however, took those things for grant home was wonderful and he became pa Sergie, now in his mid 30’s, was our g determined that we would see as much a is passionately wanted us to s It was but Sergie wa Red Square as It was breatht with a sense photographing had 10 days in I’m a d do gives me in in Moscow are story book atm and dragons lu peeking out th look at things. St. Bas it is a combina decorated wit designs and ea onion shaped the dome repr believe it is an a