Craftours Lifestyles Magazine December 2018 - Page 35

the Range Trails Leading Home advertising over two decades kept his drawing skills honed, and let him paint in his free time. The thought of being an artist full time never entered his thinking. “I grew up hearing ‘starving artist’ like it was one word. I liked to draw, and would be asked all the time ‘Are you going to be a starving artist?’ The negative connotation stuck with me. I mean, who wants to starve? I knew the occasional pop-culture artist would sometimes gain notoriety in certain New York social circles while still living, but that most noted artists needed death before validation. “Or so I thought. Once I learned that in fact a number of people do make their living as an artist, I was determined to find my place in that life. That began with educating myself in painting and business.“ To make his chosen career a success, Jim has had to impose self-discipline “I generally go to the studio at 8, after I’ve taken care of the morning chores on the farm, and work until 10.” As a full-time artist, “I’m in charge of everything -- raw materials (paints, brushes,