Craftours Lifestyles Magazine December 2018 - Page 34

Home on t with Artist Jim Cl ements W hen Jim Clements stopped trying to be what he wasn’t, it freed him up to do be what he was: an artist. me back to visual art. I failed at violin lessons, guitar lessons; I wasn’t very good at baseball; I can’t act or sing. But I could always draw a little bit.” “It was actually pretty liberating when I finally embraced the one talent I know God gave me, and committed to a lifetime of understanding it better,” says Jim, who lives and works on the prairie in the Flint Hills region of south central Kansas. “What I’ve said often, when complimented on my work, is that I had to fail at a lot of other things to keep pointing Jim is an oil painter. “To me, painting represents ultimate freedom - so it’s just natural that the wide open spaces, rich history and independent people of the American West translate so well to canvas. My desire is to honor the spirit of the West in each painting I do.” Working in newspaper illustration and