Craftours Lifestyles Magazine December 2018 - Page 3

LETTER FROM THE Editor Welcome to the first issue of our new online publication, Craftours Lifestyles Magazine.  Back in 2009 when I created the first online magazine for quilters called Quiltposium, I never imagined we would have evolved into the largest travel company worldwide in the craft industry.  I am always grateful for the incredible opportunities that have come my way, and I am humbled with the privilege of experiencing so many fabulous crafts created in a masterful way. This said, our new magazine is centered not only around crafts, but also around niche travel of any kind. In this issue we are exploring new destinations for those who are interested in culinary, wellness, and gardening, and every month we will introduce more and more niche travel markets that we feel will be attractive to travelers.   Also, in this issue, I am pleased to announce our brand-new philanthropic, not-for- profit, program called the Colors of Kids.  It is an opportunity to help schools around the world in need of basic essentials like desks & chairs, playground equipment, computers for the teachers and classroom, books, crayons and all kinds of things most other schools take for granted. The first school we are helping is a primary school in Nanyuki, Kenya. There is a link in the article where you can purchase original artwork created by the students, so please have a look and buy a small painting! Finally, be sure to read about our 2019-2020 Arts and Crafts Expeditions and value tours. The prices for these trips are amazingly affordable, and we are literally traveling all over the planet.   Have a great Holiday, and please let me know if you have any comments or questions about this new magazine.  You can email me direct at, and be sure to tell your friends about this free online magazine. It will make a nice Christmas gift to give to them! Toll-Free Telephone: 877-887-1188