Craftours Lifestyles Magazine December 2018 - Page 28

The world a la carte ... Savoring one delicious bite at a time! I By Barbara Alexander t’s with great excitement that I join the Craftours team in launching our all- new Culinary Tours. I’ve been a professional chef for 30 years and I have dreamt of this job since I began cooking professionally in 1984. Maybe the dream had been embryonic since I was. My parents instilled in me a love of travel and food, completely intertwined. My father had immigrated from working-class Australia to invent a new life for himself in Vancouver. Eager to break from his working class boundaries, he and my mother learned to cook. Not just cook but cook well! It became a pastime to watch Julia Child Thursday nights and recreate the meals on Sunday -- lifting the dining room table into the living room to eat “fireside.” My dad was a romantic. Saturdays meant driving all over town to seek out the particular type of cheese, the best bread, the perfect wine to pair. We were all involved. We loved the idea of travelling to the places that the meals came from. BUT … my Dad did not Chef Barbara Alexander fly. No reason. No great stories. NO FLYING. No discussion. Thankfully, that did not stop us. Car. Train, Boat… we went. Across Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, we did it all. Crammed in a Volkswagen Bug, the five of us ate our way through Europe. From scones and clotted cream of Britain to long crisp Hungarian Chilies and Langosh for breakfast, or a bag of still warm brötchen to paper-thin slices of smoked ham and farm cheese of Bavaria, or crisp mouthwatering schnitzel in Salzburg to a