Craft Craft Onstock Catalogue AW19 ENG - Page 9

THE CRAFT PRINCIPLE Since 1977 we have been actively involved in the research and development of ventilation and moisture dispersal properties for different fabrics. The fruit of these efforts is the Craft Principle, our way of providing functional training and competition wear that ensures the best body microclimate (the temperature and moisture conditions closest to the body) for optimal performance. An intensive training session will result in the body producing a considerable amount of sweat. This is just how it should be and a confirmation that you are pushing your limits. If you are not wearing functional clothes, the sweat will remain in place and block the pores, causing your body heat to rise. Eventually the clothes will turn into a damp, cold and heavy “envelope”, relentlessly hampering your performance. If you are wearing functional clothes, however, the skin will stay dry and you will be able to perform at an ideal working temperature. Craft’s functional clothes, in up to three layers, create a perfect microclimate and provide the basis for optimal performance. Each layer is equally important and complements the rest of the chain.. BASELAYER Baselayer that efficiently transpor ts moisture away from the skin and distributes it on the outside of the garment, where it either evapo- rates or is passed on to the next layer. For optimal performance and comfor t, craft baselayer should always be worn underneath your outer layers, regardless of weather conditions. MIDLAYER Craft midlayer provides insulation and warmth while transpor ting moisture and excess heat to the next layer or into the surrounding air. When the thermometer creeps downward, this layer enables you to retain valuable body heat without reducing your freedom of movement. PROTECTION LAYER The third and outermost layer is your shield against the elements and provides comfor t and performance no matter the conditions. Transcending the laws of logic, craft protection layer protects against rain, wind and cold at the same time as it releases surplus heat and moisture from the layers underneath. 9