CRAFT by Under My Host® No. 1: Inaugural Issue - Page 94

Cookbook Field Test By Colin Joliat Photography by Jeff Hage Dragon’s Smoked Trout Serves 8-10 4 trout fillets 4 tablespoon butter, divided Salt and pepper to taste Fresh basil, thyme, and marjoram sprigs (3 or 4 each) 4-6 leeks 2 cups button mushrooms 1 head garlic, peeled 1/4 cup Dragon’s Milk Ale barrel-aged stout 1/4 cup cream 1/2-1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar Start coals; when coal bed is established, add Dragon’s Milk barrel-wood (or substitute oak chips soaked in beer). Target cooking temp of 225 degrees F. Using a food processor, thinly slice leeks before soaking in water to clean; remove and dry with kitchen towel. Slice cleaned mushrooms and garlic in food processor as well. Rub cut side of trout with 1 tablespoon butter; season liberally with salt and pepper. Layer 3/4 of leeks, garlic, and mushrooms atop trout; season again with salt and pepper. Arrange herb sprigs on smoker rack; top with prepared trout. Smoke for 50 minutes to an hour; when done, remove trout to rest. Save herbs. Dipping Sauce: While fish rests, melt 3 tablespoon butter in a saucepan; add remaining leeks, mushrooms, and garlic. Season with salt and sweat until vegetables are tender. Strip herbs from smoked sprigs (about 1/2-cup total); add to saucepan, followed by Dragon’s Milk and cream. Simmer 15-20 minutes. Add balsamic vinegar and stick-blend to even consistency; correct seasoning to taste. Serve trout warm or cold with dipping sauce.