CRAFT by Under My Host® No. 4: Water - Page 52

Alter Ego Outd P&H Soda Co. Ginger Syrup $11.99 P&H Soda Co. is an artisanal soda syrup company bringing back the fine art of soda. Their ginger syrup is all natural and the high quality ginger used shows in the final product. The resulting soda has the perfect level of spice to bridge the gap between big ginger beers and boring mass-market ginger ales. It’s perfect as a standalone soda or as an addition to any ginger cocktail. Clean drinking wate a personal water filtr the past. It instantly f bacteria, fluoride an behind. It’s perfect fo Part of the proceeds Therm-O Terra Infusing water with t beautiful eco-therma phthalates-free, and and your hand the id water into delicious the wide mouth mak Small Hand Foods Tonic Syrup - $18.00 All tonics are not created equally, and when you try a truly great one you’ll never look at the grocery store shelf again. This syrup allows you to make your own tonic, ensuring that you aren’t drinking a preservative-laden chemical bomb. The beautiful earthy flavors and amber color come from finely cut bark simmered in organic cane syrup, and the resulting tonic is nothing short of heavenly. Soda Siphon, 1 Liter - $44.95 and Soda Siphon Charger Cartridges, 10 pack $4.25 Everything’s better with bubbles, making the Soda Siphon the best tool in your kitchen. Skip the grocery store liters of and make your own with ease. You can also get creative and carbonate just about anything for clever and complex cock The bright red aluminum body looks sharp and doesn’t need to be hidden away, making this perfect for all home enter ment. Cocktails on Tap: The Art of Mixing Spirits and Beer by Jacob Grier - $18.60 Beer and spirits typically only combine for frat-like drop shots, but Jacob Grier shows that doesn’t have to be the case. tails on Tap is the logical progression of his wildly popular Brewing Up Cocktails series. The book shares more than 50 pes, with spins on contemporary and classic, all of which use beer as an ingredient in a cocktail