CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 18 Made in America: Part III - Page 4

Dear Reader, Apologies for the delay between issues. Without oversharing (too much), while dealing with a loved one’s severe illness my own health took a pretty hard blow this summer. The time need- ed to address personal matters—physically and mentally—is time sorely felt in the creation of a magazine. CRAFT is an itty-bitty enterprise and each of us carries a fairly large load; when one of the cogs is out of commission it truly mucks up the works. I am also sad to say that my health issues have affected some of the food and drink that I am able to enjoy in life and subsequently for CRAFT (among them, beer. My old pal and I have had to part ways. I am still in mourning.), and that will be reflected in the content I write in future issue. Trust that no one is more bummed out about this than I am. Fortunately, the few things I can no lon- ger enjoy, Erin Jimcosky and our other writers can. Apart from that bit of nonsense, I am back and at full steam! We can now return to our regular programming ... In this our third installment of “Made in America,” Barnacle Foods founders, Lia Heifetz and Matt Kern, dish on living off the fat of the land and sea in the wilds of Alaska in “Coast to Kitchen.” Matt Williamson catches up with Aaron Dessner of The National to discuss beer and the band. Dave Pickerell puts a finer point on an otherwise young and seemingly willy-nilly spirit category American single malt. Erin Jimcosky chinwags with cookbook author Marvin Gapultos and pastry chef William Leaman and manages to wrangle up some of their best recipes for you. Really, you’ll find no shortage of tantalizing recipes and American made food and drink from some fantastic indie makers throughout our autumn issue. I hope you enjoy “Made in America”: Part III, this beautiful fall weather, and maybe a beer-tail or two for me! Cori Paige The publisher © Hundred-to-One LLC 2018. All rights reserved.