CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 18 Made in America: Part III - Page 138

W W W. C R A F T BY U M H . C O M Speaking of Mikkel, the band recently collaborated with him and Mikkeller on a beer called “Reality Based Pils.” How did that come about and how involved was the band in the process? Mikkel and I have been friends for several years. His right-hand man, Jacob Alsing, who is the COO of Mikkeller, is an old, old friend of mine. My wife is Danish, and she’s best friends with Jacob’s wife. Jacob was the first person I was friendly with in Den- mark more than ten years ago. Then I met Mikkel shortly thereafter. This is before Jacob worked for Mikkeller. Mikkeller was still very small at that time. So, we have just been fans of each other. I would pay attention to what he was doing, and he would always pay attention to what The National and other things were doing. We would occasionally see each other. Then over the last couple of years, we just got to be good friends. Our lives have intertwined with HAVEN festival in Denmark, which we created together, and different projects. I love the artist Keith Shore, who does all the Mik- keller iconography, and I love Mikkel’s beers. Everyone in the band loves them. Bryan, our drummer, knows exactly when to go to his local beer store in Cincinnati before the Mikkeller beer that arrives once a week sells out; it sells out quickly. When the idea was floated to do something with Mikkeller everyone was super enthusiastic. We all really like that kind of crisp, clear beer. We like other kinds of beer too, but it just felt like that could be a fun one to do. The idea came up, and everyone was just excited to do it. So you have been following the craft beer scene for a while then? This wasn’t some- thing that came out of left field for you. Yeah. I wouldn’t say we’re super connoisseurs, but we definitely drink good beer and pay attention to beer. It’s been interesting to see how it’s evolved and gotten to be just incredible. The level of quality and innovation in the beer world is pretty remarkable. It’s cool to know people like Mikkel who are really at the forefront of it. We’re big wine drinkers also. It used to be if you wanted to go drink beer it was to watch a soccer game or something and if I were going to do something “fancy or nice,” I’d be drinking nice wine. But now it’s reached a point where a lot of times you choose to drink a certain beer instead because it’s such good quality. There’s a lot of great breweries out there now. Do you have any other favorite breweries besides Mikkeller? There’s Threes Brewing in Brooklyn. In full disclosure, I’m also an investor in that company. They make wonderful beer. They have this great brewpub where they brew on-site in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn. Suarez Family Brewery, which is near my house in upstate New York, is making really amazing beer right now. Those are two of my favorites right now. But I would say Mikkeller is the closest to my heart. It’s kind of like family. If you were going to do another collaboration what style do you think you’d go for? I know everyone loves the hazy IPAs. Some sort of IPA would probably be the next one if we did one. This feels perfect though as far as what we’d actually drink while we were working or on tour. PHOTO CREDIT: Mikkeller Yeah, a pilsner does seem like the perfect post-show beer. You want something re- freshing. Yeah, it is because you’ve been sweating. You should probably drink some water first, but you know, you never do that. [laughs] Your current tour is taking you across a large swathe of Europe and the United States. You have some great opportunities for variety in your food choices, but I imagine trying to eat local and seasonal can present some challenges out there. What’s your strategy when it comes to eating on the road?  We ask for recommendations from promoters and friends who live where we are going and do as much research as we can. We’ve been touring for so many years that by now we have gotten pretty good at finding places. I also go running almost every day and look around while I’m running. The key is to eat healthy, fresh food to counter the constant travel and exhaustion that comes with it.  Do you have any favorite restaurants we should know about? There’s a restaurant in Hudson, NY called the Rivertown Tavern. It’s at the Rivertown Lodge, which is a wonderful hotel that our friends built. They have an incredible chef © Hundred-to-One LLC 2018. All rights reserved.