CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 17 Made in America: Part II - Page 69

TANGO NUEVO Makes 1 drink If your salted caramel affogato were a cocktail, well, this is what it would taste like. Roasty coffee and aged rum were made for each other, but the really brilliant part of this drink from Andrew Moore of Ox in Portland is the addition of two pinches of smoked sea salt. One gets stirred in, the other is sprinkled on top of the ice just before serving. This drink practically turns your tongue upside down, hitting all the right notes: savory, salty, sweet, dark. Consider serving it after a meal, alongside good vanilla ice cream garnished with a drizzle of olive oil and a little more of that salt if you’re really going over the top. If you truly can’t find smoked salt, you can also make this drink with Maldon or other flaky salt.  1 ½ ounces aged rum  ½ ounce 1:1 honey syrup (recipe follows)  ½ ounce unsweetened cold-brew coffee (such as Stumptown)  Pinch smoked sea salt  Splash chilled club soda  GARNISH: pinch smoked salt and lemon twist  Combine rum, honey syrup, coffee, and smoked salt in a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Stir until well chilled, about 30 revolutions. Strain into a rocks glass over a big ice cube and add club soda. Sprinkle a pinch of smoked salt on top of the ice cube and garnish with a lemon twist.  1:1 HONEY SYRUP Mix one part (say, 1 ounce) honey with one part (again, 1 ounce) hot water and stir until dissolved. Reprinted with permission from The One-Bottle Cocktail: More than 80 Recipes with Fresh Ingredients and a Single Spirit by Maggie Hoffman, copyright © 2018. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House. PHOTOGRAPHY COPYRIGHT: Kelly Puleio © 2018 © Hundred-to-One LLC 2018. All rights reserved.