CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 17 Made in America: Part II - Page 66

W W W. C R A F T BY U M H . C O M SHE’S MY CHERRY PIE Makes 6 drinks Like a cherry pie or cobbler tricked out with spicy ginger and robust molasses, this punch bubbles with ripe, fruity flavors that are sharpened with a touch of mouth-puck- ering lemon and fizzy kombucha. Created by Shaun Gordon of 18.21 Bitters and the James Room in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s the perfect offering for a barbecue on a swelter- ing summer day. Keep in mind that the drink will continue to dilute as it sits on ice.  36 pitted ripe cherries  1 (3-inch) knob fresh ginger, peeled and sliced  18 ounces water  6 ounces fresh lemon juice  4 ½ ounces 1:1 simple syrup (recipe follows)  ¾ ounce blackstrap molasses  12 ounces light rum  12 ounces chilled ginger-berry kombucha (such as GT’s Synergy Gingerberry)  GARNISH: 6 cocktail picks, each speared with cherry and lemon twist  Combine cherries, ginger, water, lemon juice, simple syrup, and molasses in a blender and blend until uniform. Strain through a fine-mesh strainer into a 3-quart pitcher. Stir in rum and refrigerate, covered, for up to 2 hours.  When ready to serve, stir refrigerated mix well. Pour in kombucha and give the mixture another brief, gentle stir. Add ice to pitcher and pour into ice-filled punch or collins glasses, garnishing each glass with a speared cherry and lemon twist.  SIMPLE SYRUP: IT’S SIMPLE  Many folks are intimidated by the idea of simple syrup. It’s time to get over our fears: no one wants a grainy mouthful of sugar in their drink. Plus, making simple syrup is actually crazy easy, especially if you happen to have a resealable jar (such as a mason jar) around. For 1:1 simple syrup, add equal parts sugar and hot water, seal, and shake until dissolved. Let cool before using and store for up to several weeks in the fridge. For 2:1 simple syrup, mix two parts sugar to one part hot water and proceed as above. Easy-peasy. Your simple syrup needn’t be so basic, though; many grocery stores offer entire shelves of different types of sugar. Less-processed cane, turbinado, and demerara are a few great ways to add a touch more complexity to your drinks. Reprinted with permission from The One-Bottle Cocktail: More than 80 Recipes with Fresh Ingredients and a Single Spirit by Maggie Hoffman, copyright © 2018. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House.