CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 17 Made in America: Part II - Page 50

W W W. C R A F T BY U M H . C O M There is a prejudice in the culinary world that if it isn’t French it isn’t worth a damn. That, my friend, is complete garbage, as evidenced by Bill Kim’s body of work. Kim immigrated to Chica- go when he was a kid and became a product of two cultures. He worked for years as a very successful chef doing classical French food, but it was when he looked to his own immigrant story to guide him that his food truly came alive. The chef of Chicago’s bellyQ and UrbanBelly has written a really great cookbook, Korean BBQ, here just in time for summer eating. Kim answered a few questions for us and shared some recipes from his book to whet your appetite. What inspires you in the kitchen? Cooks who have different points of view and different backgrounds and learn- ing who they are as people. What is your Death Row meal? My mom’s rice cake soup. Would you cook it? There is no way the last thing I would eat I would cook! Why or why not? I cooked all my life, so why would I cook for myself the last day on earth? What are some of your favorite small, local food producers? My all-time favorite is Green Acres Farm from North Judson Indiana! They are more than food producer to us; they are our family. Beth, Brent, Ellie, Ava, My- ron, and Rachel have contributed to our success and always will be part of our restaurants. What ingredients encapsulate your own personal food traditions, and why? Korean chili flakes, fish sauce, herbs of all kinds especially mint, basil, cilant- ro, and dill. We always say our food embodies these three things: affordable, flavorful and accessible to everybody! Good food should not cost a lot.