CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 17 Made in America: Part II - Page 5

Hello, This year winter railroaded its way right on through most of our spring. It just wouldn’t end. Usually, I’m pretty patient when it comes to seasons. In fact, I try to embrace each quarter’s offer- ings: ice (good excuse for a movie marathon!), snow (pretty!), gray skies (I can sit outside without burning – woo!), rain and tropical storms (drought, be gone). I mean, what’s the use in complaining, right? But, I am done with the cold. Done. Done. Done. At least for a month or two. So, come and sit for a while Heat Miser and bring your friend Humidity, if you must. With extreme enthusiasm, I welcome you both! In this issue, our second installment of “Made in America,” Food Editor Erin Jimcosky and I unearth more Midwestern food and drink producers than you can shake a stick at. CRAFT’s spirits Yoda Dave Pickerell gives us a revolutionary lesson on rye whis- key. Farm Aid columnist Fred Bueltmann explores craft malt pro- duction from inside America’s breadbasket and out. Holly Cline gets nosy with Craft Heroine and blender Nancy Fraley, and Matt Williamson chats with The Decemberists’ beer-loving bassist, Nate Query. You’ll also find recipes for BBQ and frozen cocktails, ice cream and tikka masala taters, and a vegan sarnie. Now, I’m ready to hit all the farmers markets, fire up the grill and maybe some sparklers, faceplant watermelons, float with beers, and immerse myself in a good old-fashion middle-American sum- mer! How about you? Cori Paige The publisher © Hundred-to-One LLC 2018. All rights reserved.