CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 17 Made in America: Part II - Page 44

W W W. C R A F T BY U M H . C O M If we’re talking single varietal honey, Tupelo is king. Tupelo honey is buttery, floral, and fruity, and due to demand, the effort it takes to produce, and the tupelo’s endangered eco- system, it’s worth a king’s ransom, too. Bee- hives have to be transported to tupelo groves in northwest Florida and southern Georgia for a month while the trees are in blossom. The Honey Hutch Tupelo Honey ($24) is terrific in tea, atop scones, or try Rebekah Peppler’s Honey recipes that call for Tupelo: Friday Night Fish Sandwich with Honey Slaw, Hon- ey-Oat Pizza with Taleggio, Arugula, and Bee Pollen, and Baklava Sticky Buns. Trūbee Honey Tennessee w in Tennessee where charred s smoky, vanilla heat, spoon a rel-Aged Hone ville hot chicke a cocktail. Bar recycled bottl make it a fet Asheville Bee Charmer founders, Kim and Jill d recipes with fresh, whole spices and ingredient (like coffee from a local roaster and North Caro several months to complete an infusion. Cinnam star anise are just a few of the spices they add to create Chai-Infused Honey ($15). I love this i