CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 17 Made in America: Part II - Page 151

?” RYE IS SAVORY, BOLD, AND SPICY. IT’S ALL-AMERICAN AND CLASSIC COOL. IT’S THE E PICKING RYE IN A SEA OF WHISKEY-FILLED GLASSES? NAH. NOT THIS GANG, ANYWAY. OVE THE REQUIRED 51%. ONE SIP, AND YOU’D NO MORE CONFUSE THEM WITH BOURBON, BLING, THAN YOU WOULD WITH AN ISLAY SINGLE MALT. DRY RYE GIN • $30 St. George Spirits Don’t give me the side-eye. St. George Spirits Dry Rye Gin’s base is a 100% pot-distilled unaged rye. That’s right! Dry Rye Gin, with its juniper, coriander, grapefruit and lime kick, is still versatile as heck. Handle it like whiskey or gin, in cocktails or neat. $45 y Distillery r Crispin Cain is a former Hubert Germain-Robin pupil. Cain manag- icate and fruity out of this otherwise piquant grain. More eau de legant 100% malted rye spirit is distilled on an antique cognac still rainwater. MARYLAND-STYLE RYE WHISKEY • $50 Leopold Bros. As American settlers and immigrants began to travel west and south, corn became a part of the Pennsylvania rye whiskey mash bill, and this style was born. Barreled at 98 proof (true to style) and aged in charred American oak, Leo- pold Bros. Maryland-Style Rye has the lowest percentage of rye in this lineup (approximately 65%). Rye still plays a prominent role, but its edges are softened with corn and malted barley. It smells and tastes a bit like summer too, with notes of caramel apple, cherry, flowers, choco- late, and clove. To learn more about rye and its place in American spir- its, read Dave Pickerell’s “A History of the United States Seen Through the Eyes of Rye Whiskey: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Rye.” © Hundred-to-One LLC 2018. All rights reserved.