CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 17 Made in America: Part II - Page 104

W W W. C R A F T BY U M H . C O M It’s no secret that I am a pickle disciple, and Unbound Pickling Pickled Cherries ($9) are currently listed in my top Five Things to Obsess Over This Summer. They’re a no-brainer addition to cheese boards and a myriad of savory dishes, but they are also a nice change-up to typical cocktail cherries in light summer cocktails (Don’t make that face; they’re not briny!). Gose is an old German beer style, but inevitably I have to explain what it is and what to expect when I break out a few cans to a group. How did I de- scribe Sour Note Brewing (brought to you by our pals at 18th Street Brewery) Cherry Gose? “Tart Michigan cherries bobbing along in the brackish, coriander waters of Foeder Lake.” Who wouldn’t want to take a refreshing dip in that on a swelter- ing day? Come on in the gose’s fine! Saveur Executive Edito Stacy Adimondo, cele most unexpected wa you’ll find some sweet from eating them stra squeezing her Cherry- Cherry & Fennel Tabbo before the s