CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 16 Made in America: Part I - Page 62

W W W. C R A F T BY U M H . C O M NOT YOUR AVERAGE COLLEGE E XPERIMENTATION By Colin Joliat Craft distilling is at its best when it’s in the hands of adventurous distillers. While some produce basic spirits with the simple goal of expanding the distillery’s foot- print, others push their limits as alcohol artists. That essential creativity has never been more apparent or bold than in the case of Dave Weglarz of StilL 630. Weglarz has laurels in the form of medals from nearly every spirits competition in the country, but the concept of rest still eludes him. He has now embarked upon what might be the most ambitious project in the spirits business - releasing 60 unique spirits over 60 months. StilL 630 is best known for Rally Point Rye and derivations thereof, but the new Ex- perimental Spirits Program will cross all spirits categories from aquavit to whiskey. It’s meant to test Weglarz mettle as a distiller, provide customers with interesting products, and give supporters a say in what might be the next full release from the distillery. And if Weglarz happens upon the next great American spirit in the pro- cess, I’m sure he’ll take that too. Each new spirit is bottled at 100-proof in 200ml bottles and released at the dis- tillery on the first Friday every month. That’s where the consistency stops and the art begins. Thus far Weglarz has distilled single malts then double-barreled, մ)͡͵ѡݥѠݽեєݽ%)Ѽѡ́ɕ͕ɍЁɸɉɅ丁!e)ٕ́IAЁI唁ݥѠєиȁѡЁݽձ)՝܁ɥ́ȁȁ]谁ӊéѡ̸)QЀāѡ́ݥٕɔѡ́ݡѡɅЁѥݽɱ)ٕ́ȁ͕9܁ɥ́ݥѥՔѼɕѕ=ɥ́ݥɤ)յЁɕɹ́չՔ̸ չɥ́ݥɽȁѥє)ɕѥٔɥݥݡѕͅѥѕݡЁչѥٽɥє)ɅݥɔձЁѡչȁٽɥєMѥ0Êéɤ)хMɥ́AɽɅ́饹ᅵѡɥЁɅЁѥ