CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 96

If anyone can get you pumped about meat and charcuterie, it’s Smoking Goose’s, chat covering topics like local sourcing (located in Indianapolis, Smoking Goose lim ing states), heritage breeds, sustainability, whole log and barrel stave smoking, a Smoking Goose convert before I even had the opportunity to taste this succulent Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Ham • $11.75/ lb Smoking Goose Barrel Aged Hams begin with Gunthrop Farm’s pasture raised Berk- shires or Durocs—slow growing, dark- skinned pigs that produce deep red, heav- ily marbled, flavorful pork. The hams are dry-cured with sugar, spice, and every- thing nice before being stored in barrels with Copper & Kings Apple Brandy 21 days. Once brining is complete, the hams are cleaned of excess spices and salt, and tied and dried before they’re off to be smoked with the wood from the broken-down bar- rel that stored the hams during the brining phase. These barrel aged beauties only appear during the holiday season, and the booze used changes each time. Don’t sit this year’s release out. If Smoking Goose were a meatery in Dickensian London, an enlightened Mr. Scrooge would have shared this spirited ham on Christmas, not turkey. Bah! Humbird! Stagberry Salame • $16.50 Natural casing hand stuffed with finely ground elk, pork, and New Day Craft Mead soaked organic dried blueber- ries. W&P Design The Host Board • $110 This gorgeous American walnut board is reversible ting garnish for cocktails, or a board for cheese an channel away liquids, making it ideal for carving.