CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 87

Let us begin from the inside out … “Here, though, in this cool needle bed beneath pines, I hold tight to a crepe myrtle’s silk trunk and lean carefully forward to gaze over the cliff at what you’ve brought me to see: this cut of the banks that will later spread wide to the valley and our towering red home, our sweet rooms and the river bent so, the close woods’ contagion of beard-moss and this place in the day’s haze a gauzier, more fleeting dream of a world whose clock feels stopped and whose river’s rocks far below us are as pale and un- graspable as the moon.” – Excerpt from a story by Sarah Norek, attached to a bottle of Harris Bridge dessert wine A dessert wine is to be gazed at, given time to absorb, allowed to flow as freely as its smooth silkiness will lead, enrapturing the senses on its way; as a river bending through the valley a dessert wine can meander on the tongue, un- folding in layers and opening a dream world. Dessert wines are rich, concentrated, intoxicat- ingly gorgeous and complex, and almost time- less in their gradual and subtle transformations and progressions, both in the bottle and on the palate. This depth of experience is why we make des- sert wines at Harris Bridge. We seek to bring this “fleeting dream of a world,” to our guests through wines that are as thick with beauty and magic as the valley home they come from, urg- ing the passerby to slow down, to be present, to look around, to breathe in, to ponder the mo- ment’s experience, even if just briefly, before being pulled back into pace. The dessert wine making process is every bit as intense as the resulting wine. For our meth- od this involves freezing, melting, cutting and pressing, all leading to a long, cool, patient fer- mentation. The dessert winemaking process at Harris Bridge is based on the centuries-old © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.