CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 8

CRAFT by Under My Host Staff ® Issue 15 // Winter 2017 Editorial Staff Cori Paige Founder & Publisher | @CraftbyUMH Cori started in media, hosting her popular craft beverage-focused podcast Under My Host, where she has earned quite a following over the last few years. Cori founded CRAFT out of the desire to further spread the word about the craft food and beverage industry. She is the co-founder of the non-profit organizations Veterans in Craft and Ferme Lab. She was named one of Imbibe maga- zine’s 75 People to Watch in 2014. In 2015, she was appointed as a member of the Good Food Awards Spirits Committee. Erin Jimcosky Food Editor | @ErinJimcosky Erin started at Mutineer Magazine in 2009, pen- ning the column Hungry Mutineer. Since then, she has served as Mutineer’s Food Editor, Team Coor- dinator, and Publisher. She is currently CRAFT’s Food Editor. At CRAFT, Erin works with writers to shape the content from the ground up while pen- ning her own columns about food, farming, and cookbooks. %¸Ñ¡”™…±°½˜€ÈÀÄ؁É¥¸Ý¥±°‰”±…Õ¹¡¥¹œ)Ñ¡”Ý•‰Í¥Ñ”•Ù½ÕÉ1¥Ð¹½´Ñ¼•áÁ±½É”‰½½­Ì…¹)‰½½¬Õ±ÑÕɔ¸É¥¸Ý…́…±Í¼„€ÙÑ É…‘”•½É…Á¡ä) •” ¡…µÁ¥½¸°½˜Ý¡¥ Í¡”¥Ì‘¥ÍÁɽÁ½ÉÑ¥½¹…Ñ•±ä)ÁɽՐ¸M¡”¥ÌÕÉɕ¹Ñ±ä­••Á¥¹œ¥ÐÉ•…°¥¸9½ÉÑ¡•É¸) …±¥™½É¹¥„Ý¥Ñ ¡•È¡Õ͉…¹¸½±±½Ü¡•È½¸QÝ¥ÑѕÈ)É¥¹•Ù½ÕÉ1¥Ð…¹%¹ÍхÉ…´É¥¹