CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 79

Spirits of Christmases Past By Cori Paige Some of our chums share a glass of barrel-aged cheer and what they’ll be curl- ing up to watch and listen to during moments of respite this holiday season. “Neat. Holiday movie is Road House and sound is Lakutis.” Nicolas Palazzi Spiritual Leader, PM Spirits PM Spirits Mic Drop Straight Bourbon Whiskey • $100 Nicolas Palazzi, PM Spirits founder, is a man of few words (see above) but he’s built his repu- tation on being the voice of independent makers of esoteric spirits like Tomato brandy to cut your own arm off and slap yourself silly with it Armagnac. He’s the guy I trust most to tell me what’s blown his mind lately and for him to undersell and over deliver. So, I can’t say I wasn’t surprised when he told me he was bottling MGP whiskey and slapping his name on it. For Nic to do that, I knew it had to be extraordinary, and it is. This twenty cask blend of 8-year-old bourbon is unfiltered and bottled at cask strength. It’s crème brûlée with those perfect over torched bits, warm apple pie, and soft caramel. I haven’t added a drop of branch water to nips of this 112% proof bourbon; it’s just so bloody delicious as it is. When sourcing, transparency is key. Everything you need to know about this whiskey is on the label. Once again, Nicolas demonstrates words are unnecessary, his spirits are more than capable of speaking for him. © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.