CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 64

“ 17% of kids who receive breakfast as part of the school day have fewer visits to the school nurse and higher scores on testing. • Volunteering for a culinary event is so val- uable • Writing an elected official to take a stand against hunger • Or, lead a store tour that teaches families how to shop and cook on a healthy budget The day I spoke with Jenny and Allison, Jen- ny was preparing for an LA dinner, specific to the California campaign for No Kid Hun- gry, that was welcoming over 300 guests. That night specifically, they were honoring Nancy Silverton of Osteria Mozza for all she has done in the past to help the campaign raise money and awareness. The event in- cluded dinner, and a live auction. When I asked Jenny, what was most impor- © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved. ” tant about the organization, she told me this: “Two things: the first is that hunger in Amer- ican is not the hunger you see in 3rd world countries on TV. It’s more that they (families) have enough money to put towards food at the beginning of the month, but not at the end. 1 in 6 families live like this. It’s harder to see because it’s in big cities.” The second thing, was how she stressed that childhood hunger is a solvable problem. And that NKH has the solutions to tackle the problem, through their national school lunch programs, as a start. To learn more, or get involved in your own city, visit https://www. At CRAFT, we have an ongoing commitment to help No Kid Hungry initiatives, all year long. Look out for new content related to NKH in our coming issues, as well as oppor- tunities to help and donate.