CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 62

[ ] Did you know that 22 million kids in the U.S. depending on free or reduced-price meals? and municipalities, to increase the number of breakfast sites and the efficacy of sites to make sure kids eat during the summer as well. NKH also teaches education, teaching gro- cery shopping on a budget, cooking classes, and how to read nutrition labels. This is of- fered as a 6-week course, covering cost-ef- fective ways to cook, and how to read unit pricing, empowering families. NKH uses state based partnerships to ensure these programs are rolling out, and works to opti- mize federal programs as well What are some goals that have been reached? We’ve had a few significant wins, but our main g FVB6FBVvW"FPR2FW&^( 2fG&BWfW'7FFR7&70FRFFR&&V6fW'2pB&w&2Bf7W6rv2FvW@G2FR66W72FFRfBFWVVBƖPFRw&"BvFV"'&Vf7BFP677&W"fW&&6rvâWBVBF6FBVvW"N( 2fW'6fЦ&R&&Vv&vF6VG6Vg2vW'2vR&Rv&rFvWFW vFFRv֖BFBRrFB#"֖ƖG2FRR2FWVFrg&VR"&VGV6VB&6RV3䴂26W'fVB&RFS֖ƖV0FvFRvBW2RFffW&VBFFW &v旦F2vvBFVBFW2ЧF2VvW#v^( &RBVW&vV7fVVFr77FV