CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 54

Chill done Hello, My Name Is Ice Cream • $25 By Dana Cree If you want to really learn the ice cream arts, Dana Cree is the Pei Mei to your Beat this tome, you’ll learn not only the art, but the science needed to understand and really spectacular ice cream, custard, froyo, and sherbets. I never knew about the of your ice crystals or that curing your base overnight gives you a better final pro all out in plain language. She even teaches you how to make the perfect Peanut B Bold Espresso Custard & Mukilteo Mud Ice Cream • $7 Snoqualmie Ice Cream Co. Being a Washingtonian, Snoqualmie Ice Cream is a longtime fa- vorite of mine. Their cream is sourced from Smith Brother’s Dairy in Kent, WA (Walt was my milkman as a kid!) and the eggs for the custard come from Cherry Lane Farm in Stanwood, WA, sourcing many other ingredients locally as quality dictates. Mukilteo Mud Ice Cream Named for a town North of Seattle, along Puget Sound, this is chocolate ice cream at its finest. When it comes to using it for a sundae, I absolutely double down on the chocolate for a Lorelai Gilmore-style triple chocolate overload. I sprinkle on cacao nibs and drizzle hot fudge like I own stock in a chocolate company. You might also try it with toasted almonds, and a shot of Scotch. Bold Espresso Custard This rich custard, is made with sugared yolks and robust cof- fee for an ultra-creamy, roasty, toasty treat. Try topping it with toasted coconut (dehydrated, not desiccated), a drizzle of Soom chocolate sesame spread, with a hefty dose of sprinkles are how I roll with this one. Grey Ghost’s Chocolate Espresso Cookies would make a welcome addition as well. Frittle • $10 New Fangled Confections Crunchy, pea-nutty, and vegan? That’s what happens when you take ter out of brittle. Chop up these little squares of deliciousness and to top your ice cream or, if you’re like me and have absolutely no sh