CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 51

Love the sundae, but miss the cone? Make your sundae in an oversized cone and be prepared for a deliciously sloppy mess! I recommend you start with a spoon, but gradually let reckless abandon take over. dose trying a fun o the a sun- of de- Food52 Ice Cream and Friends: 60 Recipes and Riffs for Sorbets, Sand- wiches, No-Churn Ice Creams, and More • $23 By Amanda Hesser and Food52 Editors I scream, you scream, we all scream for an awesome ice cream cookbook! Hurray! Along with numerous ice cream recipes, this book boasts a Brooklyn Blackout Semifreddo Cake, Halvah Paletas, and my favorite Chocolate Tacos! Remember Choco Tacos? I hadn’t had one in years, until I ran across this recipe, and let me tell you, these are so much better. You’ll also learn to make ice cream accoutrements like Homemade Sprin- kles, Better Chocolate Chunks, and delicious Sugar Cones. This book is an ice cream enthusiasts dream and will help you bring this classic treat to the next level. Pure Raspberry Sauce • $10 Fran’s Chocolates Raspberry and lemon collide in one luscious sauce. Whether you use it layered in a knickerbocker glory, blend it into a shake, drizzle it over a tart, or eat it with a spoon, this blows other berry sauces out of the water. Not a surprise coming from Fran’s Chocolates, Seattle’s famous maker of President Obama’s favorite, Milk Chocolate Salted Caramels and local favorite, Gold Bars. Moon Goo • $18 Frankie & Jo’s Burnt salted caramel strays out of this world when combined with activated charcoal in this playful vegan sauce. “Activated charcoal,” you say? Yes, indeed. Just enough to make it fun, but not enough to detox your liver from too much booze. © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.