CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 49

rful Sundae Jimcosky y Philip Jimcosky gone by, it would be the ice cream sundae. There is reamy treat. Now, I am not suggesting that you ad- e are too many creative products to explore for that. building the perfect ice cream sundae. ty Mint Chip • 6pk. $70 ow something when it comes to keep- ulse, so it’s no wonder they are lining m. Their ice cream is AWESOME! They al companies producing real ingredi- When it comes to building a sundae, I heir ice cream in your dish. Dirty Mint Chip The fresh flavor of the mint leaves, combined with brown sugar and chocolate chips will leave you want- ing more. To turn this into a sundae, I’d go all out with crumbled chocolate wafers, hot fudge, and an ungodly amount of whipped cream. You could also double down with the Peppermint Hot Fudge from The Barton Table. delightfully pepper- ed her original sauce nd continues to use ble. This peppermint y season and would tuation. © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.