CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 31

cacao what co-ops and independent roasters did n, and growers. Once you know what quality cacao ly nerd out on single origin beans. All of the beans r organic certification is due to come through by exclusively from B Corporation farms. There’s a lot ers, mix a handful in your overnight oats or smoothie, ur cookie dough for nibs, grind them up in a spice rub, nice crunch, or snack on them straight from the bag. 14 fatten up the flavor of freshly rgacheffe in this cacao and coffee Flowers & Cacao Bitter $22 Workhorse Rye Chocolate (cacao from Dandelion Chocolate) and flowers—a classic combination! When you’re not us- ing Workhorse Rye’s chocolatey, barrel-aged bouquet behind the bar, try it in baked goods as an extract. Blackberry Cacao Nib Sage Shrub • $16 Nostrum I’m positively smitten with Lucas Ryden’s Nostrum shrubs. His Grapefruit, Piloncillo, and Chipotle shrub is one of my all-time favorites, and Blackberry, Cacao Nib, and Sage is right on its heels. The cacao nibs in this shrub are particular- ly special; they come from Lucas’ bean to bar pals in Santa Barbara, Twenty-Four Blackbirds. A no-brainer in cocktails, but try this in a pistachio oil vinaigrette as well. © Hundred-to-One LLC 2017. All rights reserved.