CRAFT by Under My Host® Issue No. 15 Classics - Page 28

IN THE By Cori Paige Cacao beans—the raw, dried, and fermented seeds of Theobro of calcium, magnesium, and iron. The cold-pressed beans bro and, like coffee, have complex and nuanced flavors that vary a collection of some of my favorite items made with this supe EVOOC • $11 Dude, Sweet Chocolate Use this super-buttery, smoky cacao nib and olive oil blend drizzled over popcorn, for ciabatta dipping, fish searing, or in Dude Sweet Chocolate’s own olive oil cake recipe. Fiery Chocolate Cranberry Garnish • $12 Carlton Cocktail Company Plump cranberries infused with spices, lemon, black tea, cacao nibs, habaneros; these festive little cuties belong in every holiday cocktail that calls for cherries and charcuterie boards that could use a little fire. Mud Puddle • $27 New Deal Distillery In-house roasted, organic, f vodka. This lovely spirit is su vorful, and sugar-free. Bas about chocolate with none o ters aren’t your bag, try Mud cacao’s complex layers and a Puddle an approachable sta